Official Website of Dr. Robert B. Cameron, MD, FACS
Official Website of Dr. Robert B. Cameron, MD, FACS
Robert B. Cameron, MD, FACS (Official Website)
Robert B. Cameron, MD, FACS(Official Website)

Pectus Excavatum/Carinatum

Pectus excavatum/carinatum are abnormalities of the growth of ribs. Abnormally vigorous growth results in either a "pigeon-breast" (pectus carinatum) or the more common "sunken chest" (pectus excavatum) which can have relatively devastating effects on heart function because of compression of the right sided heart chambers underneath the breast bone. Dr. Cameron has been involved with a variety of complex rib and chest wall problems for over 2 decades and has worked with Dr. Eric Fonkalsrud who before he retired was perhaps the worlds foremost expert in pectus surgery. Once he retired, Dr. Fonkalsrud has referred inquiries to Dr. Cameron because of his confidence in Dr. Cameron's ability to surgically correct this complex problem. Although many surgeons remove all the cartilage and bone in the front of the chest as "abnormal," Dr. Cameron continues to use a technique reported by Dr. Fonkalsrud that only removes key small "slices" of cartilage. This improves the healing process and results in a much better appearance and functional status of the chest. UCLA staff and patients continue to be amazed at how much better Dr. Cameron's results are than other surgeons trying to perform a similar procedure.

Normal Chest (note natural inward curve at breast bone)

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